The Weather outside is frightful

chicken in snow

Where’s the grass??

This is the first snow for many of our chickens and they are rather confused.  Yesterday they were out scratching the ground and eating grass and today … it’s all White!  Most of the hens ran right back into the barn after a quick peek, but of course, there are always the ones that are just too curious for their own good.  Goldie and Nelda ran under the truck and refused to come out.  Finally after a few hours we succeeded in convincing them the barn was a much better place to hang out.hoophouse in snow hoophouse temp

The hoop house is chilly with the temps just over 30 degrees – outside we are in the 20s.  Right now there is about 8 inches of snow on the ground and it continues to fall.  The forecast for the weekend calls for more snow and temps to dip really low.  The greens inside the hoop house are starting to yellow if you look closely.  I am hoping to get another harvest or two before it’s over for the season.  With the sun shining tomorrow it will give them a boost.  The greens have been absolutely delicious and I have to say being December I am quite happy with all I have eaten this season.

There was no activity at the bee hives and that is to be expected.  If they ventured out today, they would surely freeze.  Some were out earlier in the week, but today is a different story.
bee hives in snow

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?