Beauty in the Hoop House

sun on hoophouse

This morning as the sun appeared it sent a gaze right on over to the hoop house as if checking to make sure all was well.  It appears it was knocking on the door and asking to come in!  It was still too early to open the door … another hour or so to go.  Our first year with our new hoop house and we are learning each and every day.  All summer long we had a shade cloth over the entire house and it helped greatly.  Now during early Fall, if the sun shines on the hoop house it will warm up to 90-100 degrees in no time.  Opening the door and watering the plants keeps them alive.  If you have a hoop house and are growing inside there is not one day you can ignore it.  You have to check and maintain what is growing inside every single day.

microgreens in hoophouse

We have raised beds along the sides of the inner hoop house along with raised tables which are so very convenient and easy on the back.  Right now in early November we have a variety of micro greens growing in the beds.  Arugula, mizuna, kale and spinach … it seems the little lettuces are not doing so well.  They could be just a little too fragile for the ups and downs in the temperatures right now.  The raised tables are closer to the top or roof (basically higher up than the raised beds on the ground) and the plants don’t take the heat as well there.

The  lower bed here has Red Russian Kale, radish and arugula growing.  They are lower and seem to thrive a bit better in the cooler atmosphere.  These tiny greens are planted very close together, but since I eat them at the micro stage, they don’t become overcrowded.

kale radish arugulaThe mizuna below has a peppery cabbage flavor and appears feathery.  It did well but seems like it may be dying down a bit.  Another factor that has to be monitored is the humidity … if these tiny greens receive too much moisture; they die and rather quickly.  So maybe the mizuna is not dealing with the humidity well??

mizunaI am planning a huge micro green salad for Thanksgiving dinner and also sending the guests home with packages to enjoy afterwards.  Since we will be celebrating with our guests in 2 weeks, I think I will have a wonderful harvest.  I need to sit and plan what I will plant next and I wonder if it will make it into the colder months that are ahead.  January and February will probably be the coldest months so I have to figure what will work if anything.  Spinach for sure ….. what else?  Kale possibly …..

collage microgreens

baby snake collageThis teeny, tiny baby snake was out and about today.  The temperature was in the high 60s but I was surprised to see it with all the frosts and chilly weather we have had.  It had no idea who or what I was!!  I made sure the chickens didn’t see it as it scooted off to safety.